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We specialize in connecting the fans & aspiring talents with the well-established clients by giving them something to relate to: How it all started. We feel in today’s media celebrities are highlighted for their success in terms of aesthetics, power and wealth, rather than the route they have taken for fulfillment of their goals. We are always looking for people who can add to the project! If you think you have what it takes contact us here & tell us why.

Our Story

After thoroughly exploring the internet (Not using IE of course because its rubbish) I was fed up as there was not one single place where I could watch videos about companies histories from all different sectors. Seeing beyond the facades of companies is important as you can see who is the real face of the business and what motivated them to start it in the first place. Businesses used to take a lot of capital and resources to create them, however times have changed and we love to share the against all odds dorm room to multi-millionaire stories.

How it started is the one place to find the creme de la creme of success stories on the web. 

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