An Interview with @CapitalMoments Co-Founders

An Interview with @CapitalMoments Co Founders

What does “Capital Moments” mean to you? and how did you decide on the name?

Lekan: Capital Moments means helping young people realize their potential through the exposure to opportunity. I originally came up with the name after the brainstorm idea from Josh, at the time I wrote business and economics articles on my personal blog, and Josh did something likewise with personal development and career advancement. A mutual friend of ours, Demi Ariyo, then launched his own personal blog revolving around investment and personal finance.

Josh thought it’d be a good idea for us to collaborate on a single platform, I thought the idea was  great and I came up with the name Capital Moments. I took the name concept from ‘Financial Times’; as our ethos centres on using any type of capital, be it financial, educational or emotional to develop yourself. The addition of ‘Moments’ was similar in the sense that we often have moments in life of momentous achievements. Our enterprise is formed to ensure our followers have capital moments throughout their lives.

Josh: CM means the world to me. My first business which I decided to set up due to my own personal experiences attained entering the corporate working environment. Being commercially aware is such a key factor in whatever field we venture into, so ensuring the guys coming behind don’t make the same mistakes I did is the main reason why I set up CM.

I was in the shower and God just slapped the idea in my head haha! I wanted to start a business which not only would provide me with long term financial benefits, but would also be useful to the young generation of today. As Lekz already mentioned we had various blogs which were quite similar in what topics were focussed on, and decided to come together with the rest of the team and combine our efforts in order to expand our audience.

Could you give us some background on who you are?

Lekan: Well, my full name is Lekan Doyin-Salau and I often go by my nickname, Leks/Lekz, I’m currently 23 and I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved too much in the grand scheme of where I see myself long term.

I graduated from Birmingham with a BSc. Economics and currently work in banking and I’d say one of my proudest achievements is founding Capital Moments.

Josh: I made national headlines after becoming Britain’s youngest person to pass six GCSEs, including French, at the age of ten. Remarkably, I sat my first GCSE at the age of five, before I’d even started primary school. I am the youngest ever to graduate with a degree from Queen Mary University of London with a First class degree in Mathematics with Business Management and Finance Among other achievements, I received the Best A’ Level mathematics student award, and the high flyer achievement award, from Brooke House Sixth Form college in Hackney, in June 2007. I was also named as a top 10 out of a hundred university graduates in the future leaders magazine.

How did you meet your fellow Capital Moments co-founder?

I met Josh personally from work, during the summer of 2013 I interned in the same department that he worked in at his firm. We exchanged numbers and then just kept a cordial friendship.

How many hours a week do you spend on Work? How do you balance it all?

Lekan: At present, my hours are not too severe which probably gives me time to balance supporting Capital Moments and any other outside activities; so I’d say on average I spend 40-50 hours at work. This gives me enough time to input into CM and hobbies with my girlfriend and friends.

My hobbies include playing/watching football and other sports, I am a big Arsenal fan and I try to attend games when time allows. In addition, I have a keen interest in F1 and Athletics, I’d love to go to a Singapore GP and Rio 2016. I am also secretly a party lover, I enjoy a good party whether it is at someone’s house, club or just a bar; music and dancing is good way to blow off stressful energy built up at work.

Josh: I have just left my old role which I was doing around 11 hours a day. I’m currently on a 2 week holiday in America and start my new role the day after I land back in London, where I can expect to work 14 hours a day, minimum.

I’m an avid arsenal fan, I love football, music, shopping, exploring new cultures and reading up on markets. My family are very important to me and my relationship with my parents has enabled me to stay grounded and humble. My dad won a MBE this year for his services to education; if I can achieve half the success he has been able to achieve with CM I’m sure the company will fare well in the long term.

Why do you think this company can beat the competition and at what point would you call Capital Moments a success?

Lekan: I’d say we can beat the competition in terms of the way young people consume news, young people have grown up with technology at their fingertips with touchscreen phones and 24/7 wifi access. Being able to consistently maintain their attention and interest is the way we can beat the competition.

At present, success with Capital Moments could be as small as transforming the attitude and opportunity of one individual. A long term success would be changing the lives of millions which would be best done through growth and a CM book. Hint Hint.

Josh: I personally don’t think we will, I know we will. We have the determination and the drive to be better than our competition. We do everything off our own back and are proactive individuals striving to be the best at whatever we do, always thinking about the next innovative move to drive our business forward.

What are you truly passionate about?

Lekan: I’d say I’m truly passionate about the opportunities for the younger generation, a lot of the time many could be entrepreneurs, be it artists, bankers or doctors end up living uninspired lives due to fear or ignorance. I say ignorance in the kindest sense in that many people are just unaware of the opportunities out there or are not exposed to the type of careers they can pursue. Fear comes from lack of belief and confidence in individual ability, transforming these conceptions would go some way to changing lives and pursuing my passion.

Josh: The business. I know how important being commercially aware is in all facets of life so ensuring students understand the importance is crucial to how successful I feel the business becomes. Consistently improving myself and the people around me is another key motivation of mine.

7.) If you had to recommend one article on Capital Moments what one would it be?

Lekan: Ohhh, this is a tough one! I’d probably have to recommend two instructional posts on personal finance and development respectively. Many of our featured blogs revolve around current themes happening within the news but these two posts really explain the stories of the writers and add a personal touch.

Beginners Guide: How to Raise Hundreds of Thousands for Your Property Portfolio in Your Twenties

This is a wonderful post that tells the story of Jessica and how she got involved in property investment straight after university; at only the age of 22 she is already overseeing a property portfolio worth almost 6 figures. I won’t spoil the entire piece so please visit the site to read more.

Unemployment; Laid Bare

This post is expertly written by Melissa Owusu about her journey during the ‘wilderness’, she tells the story of how she quit her job and spent 6 months unemployed, inviting us to read and learn from her struggles to her triumph. It’s a great piece on perseverance and determination.

Josh: How to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds from property

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