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How many people you know, I mean for real know made it? Got on? Nobody from my city, Detroit? Hell no. I ain’t no Eminem. I don’t know nobody who did it.

I know I made it my point to be the one who made it. The one people knew before I made it, to show everybody it was real.

I grew up watching Biggie, Mase. I wanted to role it like Pac, you feel me. I wanted money like Master P. Then I like the big timers. I wanted to pop champagne, you feeling me. I wanted to put my crew on, have a label like the Rockefeller, put the city on, you know.

I started off young spitting and rapping. Trying to be a role model, trying to be signed. I knew I was going to make it. I just ain’t know how. But I knew. My mum taught me early on, this world is what you make it, you create your own environment. It all starts with a vision. What you can imagine, you can create.

I came up middle class. I really haven’t set despair and not having no money to spare. Had to work for new clothes, gas, money. I always wanted to give my mum what she wanted. Cars, a Benz, houses, whatever. I ain’t have it, but I could see it in my head. I could feel the energy of it.

I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it always made sense to me. It was all real to me. My imagination was real to me. The people who used to tell me I was wasting my time or said it won’t work out were the people who ain’t have shit, they have nothing.

It wasn’t till after meeting the people who I grew up to, getting a chance to meet my idols, work with them. I realized they believe what I believe. Imagining it. Changing the world, changing their world. A lot of people could imagine, but wouldn’t believe it. Couldn’t fathom it. Not me. I believe.

I had imagination – Big Sean

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