Dope Chef: Behind The Brand

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My name’s Macharia Brian. I’m the creative director for Dope Chef. Well that basically means I design pretty much everything that you see. I’m the co-founder of the brand, too.

Creating Dope Chef was definitely a natural extension. Everything from the brand name, how the designs, is all influenced by my life experience and even the people around me. I think that’s why to me it’s had the success it’s had so far in the sense that people can relate to a lot of the products that we put out there and whatnot.

It basically started without even me really wanting to start a brand. It was just a case of me creating certain products that people really would dig. And it’s just a case of, okay, “Can we get that shit with the deal?”

We made a few available and there’s good reaction and you kind of do a few more, couple of stores take it. So it’s sold out. Okay, maybe I’m on to something and I just keep going from there. It definitely, was a natural extension before I would even say it was a brand. Anyone can say anything to a brand once they visit a brand.

Founding of Dope Chef was, of course, was going for the cool spots in Australia and what I mean by the cool spots is the shortages. I mean, it was not me anyway. Most people that would know me would know that I always go slightly off the map whatever I try and do.

When it’s often, I really embody what Dope Chef is about – something discreet, kind of a little bit out of the way. I’m not going to state the obvious but as you can imagine what Dope Chef connotation has come from. It’s kind of stashed away direction.

So, you know, I caught wind of the fact that doing some boats in Tottenham, which is like boats in Tottenham, bars in Tottenham. Who would think of that? So I came down and checked it out, which is perfect. To me, it lends itself to what the boats are about. It’s the whole fresh-off-the-boat Colombian produce, the whole feeling. And I think that’s what the boat, for me, embodies.

We started a lot of support to Michael Pain. Again, Michael Pain is another natural extension of the brand in a sense that we think if we hadn’t pick him up for his musical prowess. That has become the second reason to fight that. I even met Michael and the fact that we were just like out and about. He was around the same kind of playground that I come around.

It was kind of that nod off of that kind of gesture of the fact that I get you. I know what you’re about. He used to buy some of the earliest products. So he was always kind of supporting in that sense. For me, it just kind of worked. We just hit off from there.

Most people don’t know that he actually used to work for Dope Chef. He was a first, if you like, blogger, social mediarist for Dope Chef. He had Dope Chef. He definitely was going to, as we speak right now, he was going through a major rebrand or overhaul in terms of new products and whatnot.

We feel right now when we’re confident and our brand has come to a stage where we can pretty much do what the fuck we want and actually give the people what they want because we know it’s in our people, actually – not so much as just buying into the product but actually what the brand’s about.

You guys probably might notice through even our social media on how people interact with the brand. People thought they know us, I mean, even through the pictures we put out and whatnot. It’s constantly, you know, “Where is that from,” or “Where is this product out,” or “Where can we get this?” A lot of the times, it’s one on one pieces that we kind of create.

We’re definitely confident in knowing that there’s a big market for us out there in terms of the people now following the brand and are aware of the brand. There’s going to be a heck of a lot of new product – things which you won’t even expect that would come from Dope Chef.

Lately, the brand has grown. There have been a few peeps doing stuff on eBay and various other stuff trying to sell some fake Dope Chef. But we don’t play that shit. So strictly, if you’re not buying it from and you’re not buying it from the store, that shit’s fake. It’s as simple as that. So you get your shit from those two. Down here is where it’s at. There’s nowhere else.

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