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It was a house hold name all through the late 90’s. The time hip hop was not only taken over our TV’s and airwaves, but our computers.

In this clip you will hear exclusive excerpts from one of the co-founders, Keith Perrin, about his personal sacrifice, experiences, industry influence, and lifestyle. This is where they turn a simple dream into a $350 million business.

When we first started to craze right out of the box it was crazy. We moved over here in the Empire State Building and then we started doing numbers immediately. It was a blessing to do so well.

But when we got to that point where we were walking around and people, girls were crying and shaking like we’re a rock group or RNB group; that to me was the ultimate like, “What the hell is going on right now?”

I think one described it best you guys are like a modern day RNB group that that does clothes like he’s never seen anything to the point where especially with the girls crying over us and shaking and all that.

The people that we became contact with, some of them are the most important people in the world, the Nelson Mandelas, the Bill Clintons at the height f their career.. Especially Bill Clinton when he was the president we had lunch with the president like, “Who does that?”

Tommy Hilfiger that there’s another prior emerging out there and while there is no particular cache associated yet with this young New York designers name, it may just be a matter of time before you recognize his name and his clothes.  The rags to riches story of Daymond John and his apparel line called Fubu.

Street clothes that kids in the suburbs want.

Fubu is a phenomenon. It’s a hot ultra.

A phenomenon because just six years ago, Fubu was the little boy than the dream of four lifelong friends.

What I wanted to say – a massive audience that was looking for our goods and they couldn’t find it and once they finally found it, you couldn’t stop that. That’s noble and effective and it was crazy.

Every day we woke up 8 o’ clock in the morning and then just put in a whole day of work 10 – 12 at night. We just kept doing it.

The Fubu founders, Daymond John, Carl Brown, Jay Alexander Martin, and Keith Perrin spent every waking hour designing, sewing, and selling clothes.

These guys saw us as you know; look at these young cats out here doing it.  They’re really doing it.  They’re really doing numbers, they’re on TV every five minutes, and they all know these stations. These cats are driving around on bent knees, and made box, coops and all kinds of coops and trucks. We were living that life.  There wasn’t anything fake about it.

The group turned a talent for sewing into a $250 sportswear empire called Fubu meaning for us, by us. One of the hottest labels in a $5 billion Erving clothing market selling alongside such fashion stars as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

Doing the numbers that we did it was up to $350 a year sales total. It was some of a billion. It was a good thing.

You know Daymond John call and we did the whole ride together. We did different adventures together whether it was music, fatty girl, LL Cool Jay, Keith Murry, and Ludacris.

A lot of that stuff we were first, we’re the first to do.  Being inducted into the great broad was actually the International Wax Museum right now. Being inducted to that, you come up with the clothes and made some nice pieces, whatever but how do you get inducted to a wax museum for designing clothes?

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