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My name is Youssef and I am the co-founder and head of design UK Street wear label Grind London.

When I started the brand, I really had no experience or understanding of the industry at all.  And looking back honestly was usually naive of me to think that in the case of just learning as I go along but saying that it’s all I have done.

If you told me four years ago that I would be producing shirts, jackets, and increasing in my product range to where it is now and the plans for next year, I would have known where to start.  But, every year be it from started just screen printing from t-shirts; you learn the processes, the ins and outs of that skill and then you move on. Every person you meet, you just try to gain something from them.

From 2008 when we started to 2010, you could call it a hobby. It wasn’t much fun.  There was lots of learning and mistakes being made.  But from 2010, I think I got to the point where I saw the brands potential and the demands from what we are doing and what we’re putting out, so I’d say from 2010 we started thinking more on the long term.

I think the brand is quite honest or I’m being honest with the brand is all the things that interests or excites me when I produce something. As I look back when I was younger when I was 14 or 15 in school and if I first saw a new pair of trainers or someone is wearing a new shirt, if one producing doesn’t give me that same feeling in my stomach then it wouldn’t get made.

There’s a lot of negatives involve in of being an independent brand. Contacts and production of things can be a lot trickier if you’re any doing smaller to runs.  But the one positive we do have is that our turnaround for collection doesn’t need to be half a year or a year in advance. You can turn a collection around in a month maybe.

So to be behind other main or high street brand you’re doing is crazy because you can react quite quickly and independent brands should be where smaller brands and unique brands of what the bigger brands look towards for inspiration of them.

With myself and Barney here on Grind, most collections are a joint of collective effort or bounce ideas across and together we’ll have a concept from that. The latest collection from Grind is obviously available online, or for selective stock is around UK.

When thinking of the future of the company or plans for the next year I generally don’t think of it from a financial standpoint or even logistical. That’s not why. Maybe it’s naivety again but generally I just think of it from a creative view point and the things I want to create because that’s why I run and started this brand because it’s all about creating for me.

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