The 19 Year old who made Millions from Jam Business

What was your first business idea?
Growing up I was always coming up with ideas for new products, and I had my first moneymaking scheme when I was about ten: I visited a chicken farm and convinced the farmer to give me a box of eggs. I told my mum and dad I was going to keep them so they would hatch and I could start a chicken farm in the back garden.

Amazingly, a few weeks later four eggs hatched. We kept the chickens in the back garden and they began to lay eggs, which I sold to the neighbours. However, my chicken farm career was tragically cut short when a fox came along and ate my chickens!

What inspired you to start making jam at the age of 14?
I was really excited by my gran’s jam and having always enjoyed it growing up, thought that it would be fun to make some myself. I thought that if people liked it then there would be a way for me to sell it and make some extra pocket money, but that was as far as my ambitions went at that point.

What advice would you give about running a business?
Go out and give things a shot. Don’t be afraid to try things and see what you learn. On a practical level the best help that I’ve had has been from mentors. Entrepreneurs should look to anyone that has run a business or a charity, someone who has been there and done it, and can provide you with a great opportunity to learn.

What does the future hold for SuperJam?
The business is growing at a really fast pace, and there are supermarkets that don’t yet stock the product but are interested in it. There are lots of other fruits that we can make jam from to expand the range in terms of flavours, and hopefully we can expand into other countries too.


Source: NewsBusiness


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