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Jamal Edwards

On the route that I’ve taken to where I am today. I’ve had to maintain self belief. Self belief is probably like the most important thing. I worked in Topman for about 5 years before I could earn money off SBTV. I didn’t start SBTV to make money, I started SBTV because it was a passion and I wanted to film. I remember stacking shelves and people coming into the shop and being like theres Jamal Edwards. I was like I didn’t really want to be doing this but I worked to try and pay to do my other stuff. So while I wasn’t working in Topman i was out in the streets filming loads of MCs and Rappers. And that kind of made up for the hours that I worked in Topman. I maintained self belief by just remembering in my head that one day I’m going to be able to do SBTV full time. I got to a certain level where I wanted to film different stuff and was listening to all sorts of music. When I went to labels they said they didn’t want their artists on SBTV as it was too “Grime” or “underground”. I think Kelly rowland was my first big artist outside of the Grime scene to interview. I used her to approach labels and show them that this platform wasn’t too grime for any artist.

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