OkCupid: The Maths behind Love

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Ok Cupid

Back in 2003 online dating was anything but normal. Four guys with math degrees decided they wanted to build a platform that was not only going to bring online platform mainstream but also make it totally free. Introducing OKCupid.

OkCupid is a dating site, it’s probably at this point one of the two or three biggest in the english speaking world. We started OkCupid in 2003, went live in 04 and Match.com bought us in January of 2011. S it was definitely not hockey stick growth.

Prior to OKCupid:
The spark was really a way to get people to know the sparknotes. Which was full of jokes and garbage we thought people would share with their friends. We sold spark notes to barnes and noble in 2001 because they wanted spark notes to put in the stores.

The thinking was that we would take something that people were charging for and make a better version for free. With a tiny office and 18 self-proclaimed dorky maths dudes running it, OkCupid has catapulted from obscurity to dominance in the online dating world. Boasting more than 7 Million users.

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