Stone Island – Behind The Brand

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I’m Carlo Rivetti. I am President, CEO, and Creative Director of Stone Island. We are based between Crevalcore and Ravarino. They are two small villages and we are between Modena and Bologna.

From the beginning, the DNA of the brand was really very strong. 1982 when we started the collection, there was the problem to give a name to this project. The idea was to pay a tribute to the uniform. We decide also to put a badge on the arm. We have to put something on the badge. Stone Island sounded good. So, the name of the brand was born.


When the garment is sold, we do what we call Pronto Partita, Ready to Dye. The prototype enters the dying facility. Every machine inside the dying facility is a different technology. Most important thing is the dying formula. It is a hand-made formula individually.

We put the garment inside the machine. You would see the garment never stops. They always move because the column must move. We do the dying between 90 degrees up to 140 under pressure. The second step is to fix the color and the third step is to wash the excess of color and to dry. I always say it is not a dying facility but it is a kitchen.


The flow of Stone Island, if I must say, is one word. It is innovation. Don’t have to follow but you have to anticipate. We travel the world also to research new technology. Until now, we still use fabrics that are not linked to fashion but we research in different fields. I don’t want to look back. I always look at the future.

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