Trapstar Clothing – Behind the Brands Success

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Trapstar Clothing:
The whole ethos behind it is like guys, done by people I can relate to. It’s a brand that feels right. It’s UK. It’s home-grown. It’s authentic and I’m all about authenticity in whatever I do. Apart from that, it looks good.  It’s comfortable and easy-to-wear. And I support it because I can relate. I can never support something I can’t relate to.

My favourite item has to be the Hitman. Definitely the Hitman collection because that collection there is definitely something we’ve grown up on. And the theme is just out of this world. The creativity of it is very bespoke. And I’m all about bespokeness.

The first time I met Mike it was through a friend. I didn’t know the brand. I heard about it but I didn’t know really what they were doing. And as soon as I saw the quality and the designs and everything, I thought there was a potential here.

I bought my first jacket then one and then another one. I really like the design. I like the shape and I like the fact that we can customize your jacket and you’re your jacket the way you want. That’s a bonus.

How did the collaboration come about? Well, basically, I was approached by Square and X. They sat us down. They said they basically liked the movement of the brand and what we represent. And we like what they represented. They held no bars and they really follow no rules and even do we. So, we sat down and had a few conversations and apparently, the collaboration came about.

They kind of follow the same ethos as us. Wear the color, wear alone. For example, they have number 47 and they have a lot of black and so do we. We have a lot of black. We’re dark brown, not just in colors. We also have something called the infrared and with Hitman, it kind of goes together so they literally gave us full creative control on the designs and the coding.

We’re filming a video which is a collaboration between the Hitman getting Trapstar and Bingo, he’s made a track for the whole collaboration. We’re not just doing a video for it but we’re also doing a Trapstar editorial viral. So for most videos that associate our brand to, I definitely go hands-on. I’m not a director as such but I give some sort of creative input and art direction.

In every video shoot, I do come up with most of the concepts because it is a part of me. I don’t want it to be represented the wrong way. I haven’t got the skills in camera editing but I get ethos, the way it looks, the brand direction, a lot of it comes from me. That’s why you see me at every shoot going hand-on. That’s just what I do. Maybe it’s a gift or curse. It’s just what I do.

The photo shoot today is basically the continuation of the collaboration in which we’re doing a visual look book like more on a editorial take sort of video and now, here’s a visual look book where this time, we’ve used people that are highly associated and related to the brand, good friends of ours, such as Djibril Cisse, Delilah, Jamal, Edward himself. We just get everyone together.

The collection drops on November 20th and it’s going to be online and in stores exclusively. Most of the pieces are done in celebration of this Agent 47. With this jacket here, there’s going to be 47 pieces split online and in store, same with likes of hats and t-shirts. We’re trying to follow the 47 ethos. So November 20th is when it’s going to be available only through the Trapstar store or the Trapstar site.

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