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Jack Dorsey is one of the biggest and most ambitious innovators of our time. His innovations and his low profile may have a lot to do with his personality. Jack Dorsey describes himself as extraordinarily reserved and shy. Which is ironic considering he is the man who created Twitter, and changed the way people communicate around the world. His latest creation is a company called Square which is helping to transform the way we pay for things. Jack Dorsey already has eyes on the next venture, mayor or New York city. An unlikely role for a man who calls himself a loner and spends a lot of time dreaming and thinking

Jack Dorsey talks about how Twitter and Square came into existence and what’s behind its success. Passion for technology caused his curious, imaginative, and innovative nature to create something that would later become a full-blown trend in the social media and the society. Ideas just popped into his mind from observing the things around him. He took the opportunity brought about by recession and depression of the market economy to build something that would turn the whole situation around. Recognizing the people and the situation around him made a really good starting point. At the right timing, he put his wit, focus, and effort on creating the business idea that got the interest of investors. He believes that keeping the best individuals in the team is about everything to a successful company. To this day, both Twitter Inc. and Square Inc. are continually doing innovations and making a great impact on technology.

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